1st International Conference on Computing & Information Sciences - [ICCIS]

To encourage students to conduct research, publish their papers in international journals and learn from seasoned academics on how to research, PAF-KIET organized a two-day international conference on computing and information sciences (ICCIS) on 5th & 6th December, 2016.

The conference was hosted by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), a society of the College of Computing and Information Sciences. Nine universities from all across the country participated in the conference, including Institute of Business Administration (IBA), National University of Sciences and Technology (Nust), NED University, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (Maju) and Bahria University from Karachi alone. In the two-day conference, 16 research papers were presented by the participants on different subjects. Participants who presented research papers included students from Bachelor's, Master's and doctorate programs as well as faculty members from universities.

"Research plays an important role in both academia and industry, which is why such activities help nurture a healthy research environment," said the president of PAF-KIET, Air Vice-Marshal Tubrez Asif. Adding on, he shared that the forum provided an opportunity to all the participants to share the latest research in various areas of computing and information sciences.

International researchers at the conference were Dr Mohd Fadzil Bin Hassan, who is a dean of Centre for Graduate Studies at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia, and Dr Anh Nguyen-Duc, who is a research fellow at the department of computer and information science at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

A team of to organizing members hosted the first ever international conference of this kind and plans to conduct it every year. "Such conferences motivate students to research and polish their skills in the domain," said one of organizing committee members, Muhammad Mustufa. He added that by presenting the research paper in front of such researchers and fellows from other universities, students learn and avoid the mistakes that they would have never known about if they did not have this opportunity.

Some other research papers that were discussed in the conference included the smart door lock system with automation and security and survey of security issues in big data.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anh Nguyen-Duc

Research Fellow
Department of Computer and Information Science,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

Dr. Anh Nguyen-Duc is a researcher at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. He has a Ph.D in Information Science from NTNU. He is in the chair role and organisation committees of several conferences and workshops, i.e. IWSS2015, 2016, ICE2016, PROFES2016, EASE2017 and ISEC2017. He has published and served for several conferences and journals, including Information Software and Technology (IST), Journal System and Software (JSS), Empirical Software Engineering (ESE), Advances in Software Engineering, OSS, ICGSE, ESEM, XP, PROFES and ICSSP. His research interests include Empirical Software Engineering, Data Mining in Software Engineering, Global software development and Software Startups Research. Since 2015, he has been active as a co-founder of the first and largest international research network on software startup (SSRN). Currently, he serves as a mentor and coach for several European startups and communities.

Research area:
Empirical Software Engineering, Global software development, Data mining, Software Startups

Dr Mohd Fadzil Bin Hassan

Centre for Graduate Studies,
Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia.

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Fadzil Hassanis affiliated with the Computer & Information Sciences Department and for the past 5 years has been holding the position as the Dean of Centre for Graduate Studies, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), a private university wholly owned by PETRONAS, the national Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia. UTP is a top private university in Malaysia specializing in engineering and technology fields and currently ranked at 127th position in the QS Asian University Ranking.

He is an alumnus of the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), Malaysia and graduated in 1999 from the Colorado State University, USA with a BSc (cum-laude) in Computer Information Systems. He obtained his MSc in Artificial Intelligence in 2001 and PhD in Informatics in 2007 from the University of Edinburgh, UK.

His research interests are in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud-Computing. Since 2007, he hasbeenactively involved in 17 research projectseither as a principal researcher or co-researcher(i.e. 5 internal, 8 national, 4 international) with a total research grant amount of more than USD 1 million. These research grants have been secured from numerous sources namely FRGS, ERGS and Technofund from the Malaysian government, KETEP & POSTECH of Korea and King Faisal University, KSA. He is currently supervising 7 active PhD candidates as the main supervisor and since 2008, 6 candidates have successfully completed their PhD degrees under his supervision. He is also actively involved with international collaborative research works particularly with universities from the Middle East and ASEAN region. He has involved in authoring more than 100 publications that have been featured in indexed journals, conference proceedings, book chapters, and books.

Research area:
Artificial Intelligence, Service Oriented Architecture (SAO), Cloud Computing